Realize the value of your emotional guidance system.

How often do you try to ignore your emotions or tell yourself to stop feeling a certain way (as if you could control your feelings)?  Your Emotions are not meant to be buried and ignored!

Your life is being created by your vibrational atmosphere which is created by your mood (your thoughts and emotions).  As you think, you feel, and as you feel, you radiate energy which is also called your vibration.  Your vibration is what attracts circumstances, people, and events to you. 

Your emotions are you guidance system offering you information about the balance of your thoughts.  They let you know whether you're focused and flowing energy toward what you want or focused in opposition and flowing energy away from what you want.  Negative emotion means you're focused in opposition to what you want.  

Our emotions are the link between our conscious and unconscious mind in that they let you know what you’re thinking when you aren’t even aware of your thoughts.  We run so much of our lives on autopilot, and we often just live with negative emotions because we aren’t aware or sensitive enough to them.  We’ve trained ourselves to ignore our emotional guidance system.  We can't always be aware of our thoughts, but we can begin to become more aware of our emotions because we feel them in our bodies. 

Our minds label our emotions as good or bad, but really they are neither.  They are sensations in our bodies or in our minds, and no sensations are really good or bad.  If something doesn’t feel good we label it as bad.  We try to get rid of it and don’t want to feel it or notice why it is there or where it’s coming from.

Rather than judging your emotions and trying to avoid them, choose to acknowledge them by letting yourself feel whatever it is you’re feeling.  We can’t really control our emotions, but we can learn to be mindful and aware of our emotions and thoughts.  When you name an emotion happening within you, you gain a sense of control because you can begin to separate yourself from it, or at least see that it isn’t you, it’s just a feeling.  You will find that you feel better because giving a voice to your feelings allows you to relax and release some of the tension and powerlessness associated with negative emotions.  

To create the life you desire, you’ve got to care about how you feel and you’ve got to find a way to feel good.  Your emotions are there to guide your pay attention!  When you are connected to and aware of your emotions, you can create the life you want to live.

An exercise to help you become more aware of your emotions:

Set an alarm every 3 hours to make you stop and write down exactly what your emotion is in the moment.  Notice what it feels like in your body.  Do this every day for a week, and by the end of the week you will have developed a lot more emotional awareness.  



Let go.

Recently I was at an art event and spoke with an artist who said some powerful words to me.  He told me to let go.  Even though I've said these words hundreds of times over the years in my yoga classes, I realize just how important they are in all areas of my life.  As we continue to move into this new year, it's time to really let go so that we can flow more freely through life.  

Let go of wanting to be someone different than who you are.  Stop comparing yourself and measuring yourself against other people and their accomplishments, and start appreciating your unique traits and preferences.  Let go of trying to become something that you think you are not, and realize that you already have that which you desire inside you.  You just have to allow it to unfold.  Stop holding yourself back by thinking that you aren't good enough.  You are.  You’re the only one stopping yourself from realizing your greatness and becoming the person you wish you could be. 

Let go of the past and anyone who isn’t treating you the way you to be treated.  Sometimes you just need to let go and accept the fact that they don’t care for you the way you care for them.  If someone wants you in their life, they’ll figure out a way to bring you in.  If they aren’t doing that, let them go.  Release anger, guilt, shame, or any other negative emotions that may be weighing you down.  Allow yourself to let go of any grudges and forgive anyone you may have some resentment toward.  And most of all, forgive yourself for any mistakes you feel you may have made.  You have the choice to continue to feel bad or to give yourself the piece of mind you deserve.  

Let go of trying to control things that you cannot control.  In yoga, we are able to go deeper into the poses not by pushing or forcing our bodies into them, but simply by surrendering, letting go, and breathing.  Surrendering means not putting worry and fear into the process.  It means doing your part, and then relaxing and expecting that everything will work out for the best.  It is shifting your thinking to focusing on what you want to happen, and realizing that whatever happens is for your highest good.  Trust in the unfolding of your life.

Zen master Osho says, "Life is great, there is no way to finish it.  The more you enter into it, the vaster the possibilities that open their doors.  Yes, you can arrive at one peak and suddenly there is another.  It is non-ending”.   

In meditation you are constantly letting go.  You are constantly freeing yourself.  Each moment is a new opportunity to get out of the past and to get out of your head.  Close your eyes and begin to breathe.  As a thoughts arises, notice it and then try to release the thought from your mind.  Continue to do this, starting over each time your mind wanders, and bring it back to your breath.   

Focus your mind on these positive affirmations:

“I am letting go of anything that is not for my greater good and I ask it to release me."

“I am inviting and allowing good to come into my life."

"I am open and ready to grow, to expand, and to free myself from any limiting beliefs so that I may move more freely through life.”  

"I am free."



Finding happiness one moment at a time.

Happiness is defined as a state of pleasure, satisfaction, or contentment.  It is a state of being.  It is not something that we are meant to achieve once and then have forever more.  We either are or we aren’t in the moment.  The more moments of joy we experience, the happier we feel.

For me, my happiness is largely related to me feeling good physically.  Getting plenty of sleep, exercising, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and spending some time in nature helps me feel good.  I also take the time to connect with myself through yoga and mediation or simply take a few minutes to just breathe.  When you give yourself time to connect with the essence that is you, you give yourself a chance to feel the love that your inner being has for you.  Nobody else can give that to you.  I didn’t realize how powerful and deeply satisfying meditation was until I started practicing sitting and breathing for 10-15 minutes a day a few times a week (I wish I could say that I do it everyday, but I’m working on it!)  

When you breathe and slow your thoughts, you give yourself an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and connect with your inner being or your higher self.  You feel more centered, more satisfied, and more whole.  This is where you will find happiness.  Feelings of frustration or fear or self-loathing will begin to dissipate, and the true essence that is within you will begin to flow to you and through you.  Your inner being adores you.  When you focus upon your failures or inadequacies or worry and project negative thoughts about your future or spend time regretting your past, your inner being does not agree with those thoughts so therefore you don’t feel good thinking them.  

Notice when you’re feeling good, and be willing to admit when you’re not.  It’s ok to feel down.  Without the lows, there wouldn’t be those highs.  If you were happy all the time, you wouldn’t feel that rush you feel in moments of elation.  Good days bring you joy, but bad days bring you wisdom and often clarity.  

I do not like it when I’m feeling down, but I know that I will feel better if I let myself acknowledge it.  When you are feeling negative emotion, ask yourself some questions like, “Why am I feeling this way?  What does this emotion feel like?  Where is it coming from?”  Try to give it a name such as sadness, fear, anger or regret.  When you give negative emotion a label, you aren’t as bothered by it because you can better separate yourself from it.  You will realize that the unhappy feeling is not who you are, it’s just how you’re feeling.  Everything is temporary and we are given a new opportunity in every moment.  

We can experience more moments of pleasure and contentment by remembering to look for things to appreciate.  Feelings of gratitude and appreciation boost dopamine and serotonin.  It’s not even the finding of things to be grateful for, just the process of searching for something triggers the release of these feel good brain chemicals.  Even the smallest things are worth appreciating if it makes you feel good to focus on them.  A pretty tree outside, the sky, or the fact that you have running water, electricity, and a warm bed to sleep in.  The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.  Like attracts like.  The more often you are in a state of appreciation. the more enjoyable things will flow into your experience.  

So to sum it up, remember to:

*Look for things to appreciate (just looking is enough to give you a boost).

*Take time to breathe and connect with your inner being or essence.

*Put a label to your negative emotion so you can separate from it a bit.

*Take care of yourself.  Do something that helps you feel good.



Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have because it affects all of your other relationships.  How you feel in your body affects how you feel about yourself.  When we don’t feel comfortable in our own skin, it can be detrimental to our lives because it can be very hard to relate to others in a healthy way.  Instead of noticing and appreciating positive qualities in the people we meet and interact with, we often judge, criticize and compare ourselves to them.  This does not feel good, but we only do it because we don’t feel good about ourselves.  

The good news is that our bodies are like living works of art in that they are moldable and constantly changing.  They will take on the shape that we assign to them based upon our actions, beliefs and thoughts about ourselves.  Respect your body by nourishing it with healthy food, happy thoughts, and daily movement.  Take time to relax and connect with yourself even if it’s just for a few minutes.  

When you start caring for and appreciating your body, it becomes better.  Appreciate the things you do like about yourself and your body.  We all have things about our appearance that we don’t like or wish we could change, but focusing on them in a negative way just makes them worse.  Instead, focus on the things you do like.  Start using your imagination to create a mental image of the way you want to look and feel.  Then continue to do the actions that support your goals and focus on the benefits they’re bringing you.

Respect your body by drinking lots of water and feeding it nutritious food.  Take the time to enjoy eating by giving it your full attention, and appreciate the people that grew your food and made it available to you.  Eat slowly and enjoy the way that it tastes and feels on your body.  We digest our food better when we enjoy eating it.  Tell yourself that you enjoy nourishing your body, and thank it for all that it does for you.

Take time to breathe, and slow down and rest when you are tired.  Some days we feel strong and energized and we can push ourselves more, and other times we feel exhausted and depleted.  When you feel like that, the best thing you can do is give yourself a break and take some time to breathe.  Our breath nourishes our bodies and calms our minds.  Don’t treat your body like an enemy, treat it like your best friend. 

Affirmations for cultivating a better relationship with yourself:

“I am loving and appreciating myself more and more.”

“I am becoming more attractive the more I love and appreciate myself."

“I am enjoying nourishing my body with nutritious food.”

“I am enjoying moving and strengthening my body, and I am strong and healthy.”



Gotta give it up.

Recently I was working on a painting of a sunset.  I envisioned myself creating something incredibly beautiful and moving.  But I ended up hating it, so I decided to give up trying to make it perfect.  I blended all the colors together, let go of the final outcome, and enjoyed the process of painting.  All of a sudden, I had created the sunset that I dreamed of.  It wasnt until I gave up the struggle, my fear of failure, and my attachment to the end result that I actually was able to achieve what I wanted. 

Give up the struggle, the doubt, and the negative self-talk.  Let go of the fear that you’re not good enough or that you might fail.  So what?  Ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  Sometimes we have to let ourselves "go there" by briefly picturing the worst case scenario so that we can then release the fear and have the courage to move forward and follow our heart.  Just make sure that you don’t continue to picture unhappy outcomes since you are creating your life experiences through your thoughts and your mood. 

Give up your fear of failure and allow yourself to make mistakes.  We grow and expand by trying and learning from our successes as well as our failures.  It’s all part of the process of learning and defining who you are and what you want.  So give yourself a break.  It’s ok to fall down.  We didn’t learn to walk without falling down.  It is ok to fail.  If you’re too afraid to make a mistake you won’t take any risks.  And without risks you can’t grow.  If you don’t take any risks you may never have to fail, but you may have regret.    

Hold onto your dreams, but give up worrying about all of the tiny details.  Continue to hold the image and feeling of your desires in your mind and allow the universe to guide you by taking action when you feel inspired.  Instead of stressing yourself out by working overtime to figure everything out and do it all yourself, let the universe surprise you by delivering what you need at the perfect time.  Let go and allow some things to take care of themselves.  You can’t always control everything.  The only thing you can control is your attitude and your state of mind.  You can choose how to view your life and your experiences.  Say to yourself, “I trust that everything is always working out for me".

Let go of trying to control how everybody sees you.  People will see what they want to see.  Give up the idea that you need everyone to like you.  It’s exhausting.  You can control your actions, but you cannot control the reactions of others.  Just be the best person you can and stop worrying about how everyone else is perceiving you.

Give up past memories that don’t make you feel good.  Holding on to past mistakes or unhappy experiences stops us from moving forward.  Acknowledge any mistakes and what you’ve learned from them and then let them go.  When we experience suffering, we usually gain a clearer vision of what we want.  Turn your attention to where you're going and what you want, and let go of where you've been.  Take time to notice and appreciate what is going well presently in your life.  Choose to focus on the things that are important to you today, and move forward by concentrating on what you now want to be or do or have. 

Affirmations for letting in what you want and letting go of what you don't:

“I am letting go of anything that is not serving me and that I no longer need to be holding on to.”

“I am releasing myself from my past.  I am free and clear.”

“I am dissolving all barriers including my negative self-images and attitudes.”

"I am free to expand and enjoy the fullness of my life."



My love affair with yoga.

I am completely in love and married to my yoga practice for the rest of my life.  Why?  Because yoga gives you what you need -balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, peace of mind, clarity, openness, awareness…And I feel euphoric after I practice.

It not only sculpts and reshapes and opens the body, but it also sculpts and reshapes and opens the mind.  It increases your ability to control your mind by increasing your ability to notice and choose your thoughts.  Yoga teaches us to bring our attention away from the constant chatter of our thoughts by bringing our awareness to our breath.  It gives our minds a rest.  It helps us to slow down our thoughts so that we can learn to recognize and choose which thoughts feel good and which don’t.  We gain more control over our bodies and our minds.

When I first started doing yoga, I was not strong.  Downward facing dog was hard for me to hold, and my arms used to shake like crazy in side plank.  Now I can easily support my body weight.  I’m strong, I’m flexible, and sometimes I feel like I’m flying through the poses.

I choose to teach because I know what yoga has done for me and what it continues to do for me.  Yoga transformed my body, and then it transformed my mind.  It changed my perspective.  It strengthened my belief in myself and my ability to create the life that I want.  I’m calmer and happier, and I’m not so scared anymore.  When you feel stronger physically, it can help you feel more confident and stronger mentally.   

When you practice yoga regularly, even if it’s just for 10 min or so, you start feeling so much better in your body -which impacts your mood and your relationships with others.  When you feel good in your body, you can focus your mind more in the present moment.  You’re able to appreciate more of your life because you feel better.  Life starts getting more fun because you start practicing spending just a little more time living in the moment.  A little more time checking in with yourself, your inner self, your higher self, the you that resides within you that is egoless and full of love.  That inner voice or divineness within you— whatever you want to call it or not call it— it’s an energy within each of us that is the same energy that creates the universe that we live in. 

Before I found yoga, I wasn’t really happy and I felt disconnected from myself.  Now, 13 years later, I love it just as much today as I ever have, even more so.  Yoga connected me with me.  The real me.  The inner me that is pure positive loving energy.  Yoga gives you what you need.  Yoga made me whole.  And I am so happy to have found it.

Affirmations for quieting the ego during yoga:

If you’re practicing yoga and your ego starts beating you up for not being able to do a pose or feeling tired or weak or not good enough, stop yourself and bring your attention to your breath.  When you draw your attention to your breath you draw it away from negative thoughts and you’re able to discard and release them.  Say to yourself, “I am focusing on my breath.  I am here in this moment.  Where I am is exactly where I’m supposed to be”.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  

Bringing out the best.

"You have the option of making a good-feeling aspect of another person dominant in your Vibration or of making a bad-feeling aspect dominant, and whatever aspect you regularly choose will become the Vibrational basis of your relationship.  In simple terms, the experience that you have with others is about what you evoke from them.” —Abraham-Hicks 

Our relationships with others reflect the aspects that we give our attention to.  Set an intention for which qualities you want to bring out in your relationships with the people in your life.  Focus on the things you like, points of harmony, and commonalities.  Give very little attention to what you are not agreeing on and give more attention to things that you do agree on.  Abraham-Hicks says that the trouble with most relationships is that we pick out the one or two little things we don’t like and give those most of our attention.  The focusing of our attention on a subject causes the Law of Attraction to continue to attract more of whatever it is we’re giving our attention to.  

If you’re in a romantic relationship and you want it to be better in some way, think of all the positive aspects about the relationship and the other person.  When you catch yourself focusing on a negative aspect, switch your focus by reminding yourself of the things you like and appreciate about your relationship and your partner.  People are complex and everyone has a mix of both positive and negative qualities.  If you want to be happy in a relationship, then take notice of the positive aspects as often as you can.

If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, think about what you want in a relationship and why you want it.  Take notice of the positive qualities that you see in other people -whether it’s a date, a friend, or anyone you meet.  When we are looking for a relationship, we often point out the things we don’t like in the people we date.  It’s fine not to go out with that person again if you’re not interested, but it’s still important to focus on the things you enjoyed about them so that you’ll continue to attract people who embody the characteristics you like.  Speak about the qualities that you want in a partner and a relationship, not about the things you don’t want.  

Your relationship with yourself affects all of your other relationships.  If you want a loving relationship with another, you have to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself.  You cannot focus on the positive qualities in others when you’re criticizing yourself.  Let’s start spending more time noticing things we like instead of things we dislike about ourselves and others.  We get what we give our attention to whether we want it or not, so lets start giving it to the things we like!

Affirmations for bringing out the best in ourselves and others: 

“I am seeing and focusing on the positive qualities in others as well as in myself."

“I am noticing and appreciating the successes and accomplishments of others as well as my own."

“I am choosing to focus my attention on what I wish to experience in my relationships with others."

“I am aware that the experience that I have with others is about what I evoke from them."



The end or the beginning?

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”--Eckhart Tolle

My mom always said that when things are falling apart they are coming together in a new way.  We are in a state of constant change.  Our environment, the cells of our bodies, our thoughts, and our lives are ever evolving.  Often, when we think something is ending it’s really the beginning of something else.  We can choose to focus on the ending part or we can direct our thoughts to what’s next, or what we’d like to be next….if we don’t yet know what that is.

Don’t let any place that you are standing in frighten you.  It’s just temporary and it’s just giving you an idea of what you’ve been doing with your energy or vibration -meaning how you’ve been feeling and what thoughts you’ve been thinking.  There’s always a way out if you will allow a solution to come to you by choosing a positive perspective rather than a lack perspective.  Stay positive by choosing thoughts that feel good such as, “Everything is coming at the perfect time and in perfect order.  Everything is unfolding perfectly.  I’m okay where I am and I’m eager for more.  It’s all happening for me at the right time.  Things are aways working out for me".

Change doesn’t have to be scary or traumatic.  It’s just our fear of the unknown that makes change seem scary.  Trust that there is a bigger picture.  You may not be able to see the whole thing yet, but it will reveal itself as you go.  If you will relax and go with the flow, you will see that things are always working out for you, for your highest good, and for the good of others around you too.  

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like there are no options available to you or you’re feeling overwhelmed or trapped, then try this box exercise.  It’s a great way to improve your outlook by shifting your thoughts into a more positive place.

Box Exercise:  Imagine yourself inside of a dark box.  Now begin to imagine that you are creating some big, bright, beautiful windows that make you feel free and comfortable and expansive.  Notice there is light streaming in all around you.  Now imagine as many doors as you like so that you can easily come and go.  Open all the doors and leave them wide open so your box feels open and airy and full of light and opportunity.  The doors represent all the new opportunities that are now arising and allowing you to move in lots of different directions with as many paths as you choose.  There is not just one right path.  There are many right paths.  You are free and have new possibilities.  You no longer have to feel confined or trapped.  Say to yourself, "I am always expanding.  I’m okay where I am, and I'm so excited about what's coming.  I am open to new possibilities, and new opportunities are arising!” 

Abraham-Hicks says the best way to accomplish an improved environment is to focus upon the best things about where you currently are so that you move into a state of appreciation.  Make little mental lists of things you appreciate throughout the day so that you continue flowing good-feeling energy toward what is working in your life…which will then attract more positive things into your life.

In love and light,


What if....?

Fantasizing is fun.  It’s also worthwhile since what we think about affects what shows up in our experience.  It’s very important that we take pleasure in daydreaming by entertaining good feeling scenarios.  Sometimes we play the negative what if game by thinking, “What if I lose my job and I lose my house?  What if there’s an earthquake and everyone I care about dies?  What if I get some terrible disease?"  The list of unfortunate events that we allow ourselves to entertain goes on.  This is not only a waste of our ability to imagine, but also detrimental to our health and happiness. 

Let’s start playing the what if game in a positive way by playing it for fun and fantasizing about happy events.  Start asking yourself, "What if I won the lottery today?  What if I got that dream job or promotion?  What if I had the relationship of my dreams?  What if there were enough resources for everyone?  What if….”  Allow yourself to daydream about what you would be doing if you had that money or relationship or lifestyle or whatever it is you’ve chosen to play with.  As you go through your day, make mental notes of activities you’d be doing or places you’d be visiting or things you’d be buying.  Allow yourself to imagine different ways you’d be spending your time and money.  Just for fun.  Imagine it for a few seconds (or minutes if you’re really enjoying certain scenarios)  Feel that elation and excitement and freedom that you would feel as if it were actually happening.  

Don’t allow yourself to feel bad because you’re dreaming about things that you don’t have.  The whole point of this game is to feel good.  It doesn’t matter that it’s not actually happening in your physical reality at the moment. You can still find joy in the imagining of it happening.  Everything that we see in our reality was first imagined.  Everything was first thought before it was form.  Imagine it for the pure sake of enjoyment, for the pure pleasure that it brings you to imagine.  

If you have a hard time envisioning things then practice your visualization skills by doing this:  Close your eyes and imagine you are eating a lemon and notice how it makes your lips pucker.  You can almost taste the sourness of it!  Now imagine you’re holding an apple.  Feel it, see it, smell it, taste it.  Imagine a rose by seeing its soft red petals and feeling the sharpness of the thorns on its stem.  Inhale its sweet fragrance.  Or you can try looking at something before you close your eyes.  Choose an object such as a candle.  Study it by staring at it for a few moments and then close your eyes and try to recreate its exact image in your mind.

Find pleasure in your ability to daydream.  The more you practice imagining good feeling scenarios, the more positive and expectant you will feel about life.  And many of the images you conger in your imagination may actually begin showing up in your physical reality....So let's start playing!

Affirmations for positive imagination:

"I am taking pleasure in my ability to imagine and daydream."

“I am limitless in my thinking and I am allowing myself to dream as big as I want."

"I am enjoying imagining a life full of abundance, success, and happiness."

In love and light,


Sleep it off.

Sleep is incredibly beneficial for not just our bodies but our minds.  Our minds need a rest from all of the constant internal chatter that we experience while we are awake.  A study by the the University of Rochester’s medical school finds that sleep may play a crucial role in our brain’s physiological maintenance.  As your body sleeps, your brain is acting like a mental janitor in that it’s clearing out all of the junk that has accumulated as a result of your daily thinking.

Sleeping is a great way to reset your emotional state and adopt a more positive state of mind.  Much like meditation, sleeping allows your mind to rest because it stops thought.  While you sleep, whatever resistant or negative thoughts you may have been thinking fade away and their momentum ceases.  When you awaken, you are naturally in a good good feeling emotional state.  It’s the thoughts we start thinking again right after we wake up that bring us back down to a less blissful state.  If you will make an effort to reach for positive thoughts immediately upon awakening, you will alter your mindset.  So if you’re feeling upset, take a nap.  You’ll feel better because you’ll stop the momentum of negative thoughts, and when you wake up it’ll be easier to choose different thoughts.

Start you day in a positive way by appreciating your life.  Say, “Thank you for this day.  Thank you for this comfortable bed.  I am happy to be alive.  Thank you for my life”.  Remind yourself that each day is a gift.   If you tell yourself, you will believe it.  We often take our lives for granted and forget to appreciate what we do have because we’ve become accustomed to it.  But what if you didn’t have a home or a warm bed or safe place to sleep?  Reminding ourselves of the things that really matter creates a more positive state of mind that stays with us throughout our day and affects what we attract into our experience.

Lack of sleep not only deprives us of the chance to reset our emotional state, but it also causes our health to become compromised because our immune system doesn’t function as well when our bodies are tired.  Sleep allows the cells of our bodies to renew themselves, and when we don’t get enough of it our nervous system and digestive system can get out of whack.  Without enough sleep, the two hormones that control appetite (leptin and gherkin) can become imbalanced causing us to overeat.  It’s generally believed that we need 7 or 8 hours of sleep, but everyone’s body is different.  Sometimes you need more sleep and sometimes you can function on less.  It’s important to pay attention to your body. 

Before you drift off to sleep, tell yourself a bedtime story.  Take a few moments to reflect on the day and think of some positive things that happened.  Now tell yourself about the wonderful restful night’s sleep that you’re going to get.  Maybe even ask for a dream to clarify a question you may have.  Tell yourself how you are going to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for your day.  

Say to yourself, "As I lie here and breathe, I'm allowing my body to restore itself to its natural state of balance and perfect health and alignment. I am allowing my cells to receive the well being they have been asking for.  I release anything from my mind and body that I no longer need. I see myself and my life in perfect harmony”.

In love and light,


Get healthy by getting happy.

“Your beliefs act like filters on a camera, changing how you see the world.  And your biology adapts to those beliefs.  You can change your beliefs.  You can choose what to see and how to see it.  You can filter your world through rose colored lenses and positive beliefs that will help your body grow and stay healthy or you can use a dark filter that turns everything black and negative and makes your body more susceptible to disease.  You can live a life of fear or a life of love.  A rose colored outlook is necessary for your cells to function properly and your body to thrive. Positive thoughts are a biological mandate for a healthy body.” —Bruce Lipton

Your physical body is composed of trillions of cells that need a safe environment in order to thrive.  In his book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, explains that our physical health is directly related to our emotional health.  He states that it isn’t our genes but our beliefs that control our lives and determine our physical state.  Lipton says that our thoughts and beliefs have a direct effect on our biology because our thoughts create an environment that is either beneficial or detrimental to our health.  

Our bodies need continuous growth and cell turnover to survive.  The entire lining of your gut is replaced every 72 hours.  When you are stressed, your body shuts down and goes into protective mode which inhibits growth.  Almost every major illness that people acquire has been linked to stress.  Chronic stress leads to breaking down of the body and disease can manifest.  Urban Remedy author Neka Pasquale says that negative emotions coupled with an unhealthy diet may play a role in triggering diseases such as cancer.  She writes, "Our negative emotions put us in a state of imbalance which allows for disease to flourish because our cells are not able to perform.  We come to accept that being anxious, irritable, bloated, and exhausted is a way of life".  

Life doesn’t have to be that way, and we shouldn’t settle for living unhappily in our bodies.  Our bodies are amazingly resilient and can recover when we take care of our emotional and physical health.  Your nervous system is responsible for deciding whether your body can expand energy for growth or if it needs to shut down for protection mode due to high levels of stress or negative emotion.  Yoga and meditation are so important because they involve deep breathing which calms your nervous system and allows your cells to receive the well-being they need to enjoy continuous growth.  Your body is highly intelligent and your cells know what to do.  Disease exists because your cells are not receiving the well-being that they need in order to function properly.  When you allow that well-being to flow to them through the relaxing of your mind and body, well-being will return.  

You are the one controlling your destiny.  Embrace change and let go of fear and worry.  Our bodies are in a constant state of change and growth and the best growth promoter is love.  When we are in a state of love or appreciation or happiness, we allow our cells access to the well-being they need to flourish.  Our positive and loving thoughts provide a safe environment for our bodies to rejuvenate and thrive.  It doesn’t matter whether you are loving yourself, someone else, the sky, the ocean, or a new pair of shoes.  As long as you’re feeling positive emotion, your cells are receiving the healing benefit of your emotional state.

Affirmations for allowing well-being:  

“I am allowing my cells to receive the well-being that they need to thrive.

“I am aware that my body is highly intelligent and my cells know what to do.”

“I am choosing to see myself and my life in a more positive light. 

“I am creating a healthy, harmonious environment through my positive thoughts and loving emotions."

Lots of love,


Visualization is powerful.

“Creative visualization is real. It’s a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes.”  --Harvard Medical School

Sometimes we need to see it before we can believe it.  One way to see it before it is a reality in your physical experience is to create a vision board.  When you see images of what you desire, you can imagine having what you want more clearly.  It’s a powerful visualization tool because it reminds you to focus upon what you want to create in your life rather than on what might be lacking at the moment.  

When it comes to visualization, we have complete freedom to dream anything we want for ourselves.  Many people lose sight of what they want because they get so caught up in what other people want or what they don’t have.  Their vision for their future becomes tainted by their present “reality” and becomes limited by their limiting beliefs about what they think they can attain.  Your beliefs can be like fences that surround you and cage you in.  Let go of beliefs that limit you or don’t support the vision you have for yourself.  Let yourself indulge in unlimited thinking and expand your imagination of what is possible for you to have.  If you have the ability to imagine it, the universe has the ability to deliver it.  It is only your beliefs that can stop you from realizing your dreams.  You have to reprogram your brain with new beliefs about yourself and your life.  A belief is just a thought you’ve practiced or a continued way a of thinking.  It is not a fact, it is an opinion. 

"Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.  Impossible is not a fact.  It’s an opinion.  Impossible is not a declaration.  It’s a dare.  Impossible is potential.  Impossible is temporary.  Impossible is nothing.”  --Muhammad Ali

A vision board can help you to practice more positive and unlimited thinking and can help you to create new beliefs about yourself and your life.  Your vision board can be anything you want it to be.  You can put images, words, affirmations, or whatever symbols you like that help you envision your dreams.  The most important thing is that it makes you feel good when you look at it.  Put your vision board somewhere where you can see it regularly and spend a few minutes each day daydreaming about the life you want to create as you gaze at it.  

Tell yourself, “Everything is happening at the right time and everything is unfolding perfectly for me”.  Do not lose hope or your conviction that your dreams will manifest just because you have yet to see the physical evidence of their creation.  Everything that exists first began with thought.  So much of success is about timing.  You can’t force it.  It has to happen at the right time.  Let it unfold.  Follow your instincts.  Trust yourself, trust your vision, trust the universe.  Stay focused on your dreams and keep envisioning yourself living out your fantasies.  

Affirmations for allowing your dreams to become your reality:

“I am focusing on aspects of my life that I like and that feel good to me when I think about them.”

“I am allowing myself to indulge in unlimited thinking and to imagine my life the way that I want it to be.”

“I am enjoying envisioning a fun, beautiful, joyful, abundant future for myself.”

“I am expanding my beliefs about what is possible for me to have.  I am creating all that I desire.”

Lots of love,


Find your balance.

Yoga helps us to become more balanced in all areas of our lives.  It teaches us to push ourselves and to know when to pull back and surrender to the pose or to life.  Finding that balance between strength and ease, and knowing when to push yourself and when to pull back in yoga practice, and in life, is very important.  Yoga teaches us to listen to our bodies and to the wisdom of our intuition. 

We can’t control everything that happens in our lives, but we can control our reactions.  Balance your emotions by realizing it’s alright to feel sad or angry, and then remind yourself that you can bring yourself to a better feeling place when you’re ready.  Balance your energy by spending time with others as well as taking time for yourself. 

Living well is not about striving for perfection.  Being happy does not mean being perfect.  We can accept ourselves as we are and, at the same time, aspire to become even more.  Appreciate your body wherever it is right now, and make choices that support your idea of health.  You can’t live happily on an all or nothing mentality.  Don’t deprive yourself of treats you love, but also don’t overindulge on unhealthy food.  Allow yourself a cheat day or two, but eat healthy the rest of the week.  Limit your alcohol intake, and drink more water and green tea -which supports metabolism.  Find healthier versions of your favorite snacks and desserts.  Eat when you are hungry.  Listen to your body and trust it to tell you what it needs.

Make exercise enjoyable by seeing it as taking care of yourself rather than punishing yourself.  For me, yoga is a wonderful form of exercise because it strengthens and tones my muscles and also makes me feel good.  I love the feeling it gives me while I am doing it and after I’m done.  I also love to walk.  Find a form of fitness that feels good and that you enjoy so that you look forward to it.  View it as time for caring for your physical and mental well-being.  Exercise is necessary for leading a more balanced, happy life because it helps you sleep better, boosts mood, improves digestion, tones your muscles, and releases stress by calming your nervous system.

Schedule exercise into your calendar as a priority.  Carve out time for it and stick to it.  Consistency is key for a balanced lifestyle.  Remember moderation.  You don’t have to spend hours working out if you’re exhausted.  Even just 15-20 min can really boost your mood and give your muscles the work they need to stay toned and flexible.  A brisk walk or run combined with some yoga or strength training and a healthy diet can give great results when done on a regular basis.  

Most importantly, forgive yourself.  The worst thing you can do is continue to beat yourself up for overindulging or missing a workout.  Let it go.  It’s in the past.  Line up with your choice, enjoy it for what it was, and move on.  It isn’t the end of the world.  You can always do better tomorrow, and as long as your intention is to find balance, you will find it.  One day at a time.

Affirmations for creating balance:
“I am living a balanced and joyful life.”
“I am becoming more balanced in all areas of my life.”
“I am balancing my time and energy, and I have plenty of time for everything that I want to do and experience.”
“I am allowing all of the details of my life to come into perfect balance and harmony."

Lots of love,

Gut Reactions.

Have you ever had to make a choice and you really weren’t sure which one to choose?  When we have multiple options or actions we could take, it can sometimes be confusing to know what to do.  In order to make the best choice for yourself, you need to first identify what is most important to you.  When you know what you want most, it is easier to use your emotions to guide you.  

Your emotions tell you how you truly feel about something.  Often, we try to rationalize our decisions with language, but that usually just confuses us more.  We weigh the pros and cons and try to talk ourselves into this or that choice.  But doing that just makes everything harder than it needs to be.  Trust your intuition, trust your gut reaction.  You don’t have to rationalize everything with your brain.  Use your brain to carry out the action once you have made your decision, but listen to the guidance from your intuition.  

Before you make a decision, try to imagine yourself following through with one of your options and notice how you feel while you are picturing yourself choosing that option.  Does it feel good?  Exciting?  Is there positive emotion or do you feel negative emotion such as fear, worry, regret or discomfort?  If you have two or more choices, then envision yourself choosing one choice and notice how you feel, and then envision the other choice and see how you feel.  The way that you feel tells you if you are making the best decision for yourself.  When you feel positive emotion, you are making a choice that is in line with what you truly want. 

Another intuitive method is to imagine you’re holding one choice in your right hand and the other in your left.  Close your eyes and ask your intuition to guide you to making the best choice by raising one hand.  If you want to use language, ask yourself some questions such as:  Which decision seems to call to me the most or holds the most joy for me?  Which choice seems best for me to follow right now?  Which choice allows me to express myself most fully?  Choose the option that brings you the most joy.  Don’t make choices based on how much money it appears you will make.  Following the path of joy will always bring you more abundance down the road.

If you are really torn and neither choice seems right then try to wait a little longer.  Try not to force a decision if you’re not ready to make it.  Marinate on it for a while and then come back to it.  Do not make a decision based on how you think others will react.  You have to put yourself and your desires first or you will never be happy.  You cannot control the reactions or the satisfaction of others.  But you do need to take responsbiltlity for your own happiness.

Nobody else can know what is right for you.  Only you can know that.  Don’t judge yourself for what you want and don’t second guess your decision after you make it.  You will only torture yourself.  If you made your choice from an intuitive place or a place of positive emotion, then it was the right one.  Have faith by trusting that things will work out, and you will always be moving forward toward what you want.

Affirmations for aligned decision making:
“I am enjoying making decisions and choices for myself.”
“I am easily and always making choices that bring me the most joy and prosperity."
“I am happy knowing that I have plenty of time for everything that I want to do and experience.“
"I am always being guided by my intuition, and I am always in the right place at the right time.”

In love and light,

Reprogram yourself.

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year.  We can reflect on our accomplishments, positive experiences, and what we learned, or we can remember unhappy events from the past year or years.  It certainly feels better to think of happy memories, but what if we can’t help thinking about painful past experiences?  Is it possible to erase unwanted beliefs or memories from our past?  Can we ever really forget?  

First, you can help it.  You always have a choice in what you think about.  When you catch yourself thinking a thought that isn’t making you feel good or remembering an unhappy event from your past, you can choose to switch your focus to something else.  Just because it happened and was a reality in your past, doesn’t mean you have to continue to think about it or give your attention to it now.  Experiences and relationships that we’ve had will stay with us, but they will fade away and not be such an active part of our emotional state unless we continue to think about them and reactivate them.  

The way to change or get rid of unwanted thoughts or beliefs is by deactivating them.  It is very hard to think about something upsetting and no longer feel negative emotion when you think about it.  When you try to seek out and get rid of negative beliefs or troubling memories from your past, you actually reactivate them because you begin thinking about them again.  You are unwittingly giving them more power through your attention to them.  Instead of revisiting your past to try and figure out where negative beliefs came from, it is better to simply be more aware of your state of mind in the now since your present moment is the one that matters.   Give your thoughts and attention to what you now want for yourself.  How you want to feel now.  How you want to live now.  How you want to think about yourself and your life now.  

We can’t completely erase unwanted beliefs or memories from our past, but we can reprogram ourselves by changing our perspective.  If a negative thought continues to come up again and again, then it may be a good idea to notice it and recognize where it might have come from.  You can look at it now from a different vantage point and change it by altering the way you now see it.  From your present moment of power, you have the ability to change an old belief or experience so that it is not so detrimental to your present state of mind.  But remember, the more you think about something, the more momentum it gains and therefore the more power it has.  The less you think about it, the less momentum and power it has. 

Don’t use unwanted things or memories from your past as a reason to be unhappy in the present.  Unless you’re remembering a happy memory or imagining a good feeling future scenario, you’re wasting your present moment of power and creating future experiences that match your feelings of unhappiness.  You’ve got to enjoy your present.  It’s a gift!

Affirmations for creating a more positive mindset:

“I am powerful in my now.  My present moment is what matters."

“I am living in the moment and enjoying my time here on this planet.”

“I am appreciating my growth, expansion, and life experiences.”

“I am releasing any thoughts of limited time.  I now see time purely as a platform for expansion and growth.”

In love and light,


Figuring out what you want.

Figuring out what we want is sometimes the hardest part.  How can we create what we want if we don’t even know what that is?  We might know what we don’t want, but how do we figure out what we do want so that we can begin imaging and creating it?

Go general.  You don’t have to know exactly what type of partner you’re looking for or what your ideal career path is.  Maybe you like to be outside or work with your hands.  Or maybe you prefer to be in an office.  Do you enjoy working with people or do prefer to work alone?  Do you like to write?  Do you like cars or technology or helping others?  Are you into having control over your schedule or you prefer to have a set schedule?  Do you want to be in a relationship with someone with similar interests and values?  Someone who you can have fun with and be at ease with?  Someone you are excited to see and spend time with?  Asking yourself these types of general questions can help you get a sense of what you’re looking for and imagine what would make you happy.  

Focus on the aspects you like about life.  And continue to take notice of things you like about yourself, others, and experiences that you have.  We are often so judgmental and focused on what is wrong that we forget to pay attention to what we do like.  Making an effort to appreciate positive aspects on a regular basis keeps your mind focused on what you like which attracts more enjoyable things into your experience.

You don’t have to figure out all the details yourself.  You don’t have to know how all of the things that you enjoy will factor into your experience.  The universe remembers everything and will orchestrate it perfectly so don’t worry about trying to keep track of everything you want.  Just make an effort to notice what you like.  When you notice something you don’t like, realize that it’s helping you to define more clearly what you do want and then switch your focus to the positive.  Get off the topics of the things that don’t please you as quickly as you can.

Set your intention.  If you don’t know what you want, then set forth the intention “I want to know what I want”.  As you set forth your desire to know what you want, you will begin attracting ideas, information, and opportunities that will start giving you a more clear vision of what you specifically want.  Take action if you are inspired to do so.  But also be patient.  Know that the universe heard your request and that it’s already taking care of it.  Things may not happen immediately or all at once so resist the urge to take score too soon.  Relax and let them unfold for you in the perfect way.  

It is your right to choose.  It’s not just your right, it's your responsibility.  If you don’t make conscious decisions about the life you want to live, then you will just observe things as they are and create by default because Law of Attraction will continue to bring more of the same.  You will be an observer of what others have chosen instead of the conscious creator of your life.  It's easier to just observe things as they are instead of choosing to imagine and speak about how you want them to be.  But it is so much more satisfying to make a choice, believe that you will create what you want, and then watch it manifest into your reality.  

Once you have an idea of what you want, it is important to be detailed enough in your desire that thinking about it feels good to you, but not so detailed that it feels overwhelming or negative in some way.  Remember, your work is to figure out what you like and want enough to feel positive emotion when you focus upon it.  

Affirmations for knowing what you want:

“I am noticing what I like and appreciating positive aspects everywhere I go.”

“I am enjoying paying attention to things that I like and creating more things in my life to enjoy.”

“I love knowing what I want and I am loving the process of figuring it out.”

"I am becoming clearer about my life path.  I am creating a blueprint of my life."

In love and light,


Get off to a good start.

I’m not talking about a morning romp or eating a nutritional breakfast, although, both can definitely help you get off to a good start.  I’m talking about mentally starting your day on a high note by making a conscious decision to choose good feeling thoughts.  The best time to get your thoughts going in a positive direction is in the morning when you first wake up.  Scarlet O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day”, and she was right.  Each day is a new day because any worries or negative thoughts that we may have been thinking stop while we sleep.  We get to wake up fresh from the day before and can choose any thoughts we wish.  

Unfortunately, many of us forget that we can choose our thoughts.  Most of us are lazy and just pick up right where we left off the day before and start thinking about whatever was bothering us.  It’s so easy to let our problems or worries control our thoughts and our mood, but when you are focused upon worries or troubles you only draw more of the same to you.  Let go of whatever was bothering you the day before and concentrate on other aspects of life that feel better to you.  Get your positive momentum going by staying off the topics that cause you to feel negative emotion as long as you can.  

I know, it’s very easy to pick up where you left off the day before or to focus on your problems.  So you’ve really got to make an effort, especially at first, because habits can be hard to break.  But once you begin a new habit of deliberately looking for the positive aspects, appreciating the good in your life, and telling yourself that that’s what you’re going to focus on and notice, you will begin drawing more of that into your experience on a daily basis.  

Abraham-Hicks says that if every morning for the next 30 days, you begin your day by saying: “I intend to see... no matter who I am working with, no matter who I am speaking with, no matter where I am, no matter what I am doing…I intend to see that which I want to see”, you will alter your life experience.  When you deliberately set a positive expectation, you alter your vibration and change your point of attraction to attract circumstances and events that match your mood and intention of feeling good.

When you wake up, take a few minutes to mentally run through your day envisioning it running smoothly and positively interacting with everyone you are going to see.  Imagine yourself arriving on-time and easily gliding through all of your appointments and tasks.  Take a moment to appreciate your bed and waking up healthy and say, "I am happy and I love my life”.  Smile.  It will put you in a better mood because our mind and body are intrinsically connected.

Affirmations for starting the day on a positive track:

“I am happy to be alive, and I love knowing that I am creating my life experience in every moment of every day.”

“I am enjoying mentally mapping out my day.  I see my day running smoothly and effortlessly.”

“I am enjoying this physical life experience and the perfection of the universe in which I live.”

“I am invigorated with life, and I see myself in perfect health and absolute prosperity."

In love and light,


Practice optimism.

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.  The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it.  You are overcome by the fact because you think you are.” —Norman Vincent Peale  

Your attitude is everything.  Defeat is only a state of mind.  You can choose to feel defeated or not.  You can see it as the end to your dreams coming true or you can see it as just a bump in the road.  You can choose to use your current situation as an excuse to feel bad about your future or you can keep envisioning your life the way you want it to be.  

When we focus upon what we want, we will be able to create positively no matter what is happening in our life at the present moment.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances of your life are right now.  You cannot allow what is happening now to affect what you are envisioning for yourself in the future.  That is what being an optimist means.  Its believing that things will work out in your favor even if they dont seem like they are at the moment.  

Keep your mind focused upon what you want and keep your attention focused on the positive aspects in your life.  You cannot attract abundance if youre feeling a lack of it, constantly wondering where it is or why you don’t have it, and being jealous of others who do have money.  You have to feel as if you’re abundant now by appreciating what you do have and trust that more is coming.  You cannot attract love if you’re feeling lonely and jealous of others who are in happy relationships.  You have to feel love for yourself, for your friends or family, and for all the experiences that you’ve had.  Trust that love is coming at the right time and that it’s on its way to you.

Make lists of as many positive aspects and things that you love about your life that you can think of, and try not to complain about anything.  As you use those things to uplift you, your point of attraction will shift and the world will begin to transform before your eyes.  By making an effort to look for positive aspects in your life, you will raise your vibration which will cause you to begin attracting more and more thoughts, people, circumstances, and things that are enjoyable to you.

Affirmations for a more optimistic state of mind:

“I am where I am, and where I am is perfect”.

“I am on the right track.  Nothing is amiss here.  Everything is happening for my highest good.”

“I am perfect where I am and gravitating to something that will bring me even more joy.”

“The universe is working in perfect harmony.  I now see a universe of beauty and perfection."

In love and light,


Getting out of a "downward spiral" and onto an "upward spiral”.

Sometimes s**t happens.  We get out of alignment and feel like we messed up in one way or another.  One upsetting event can cause us to feel completely off balance.  The focusing of our attention on that one negative aspect can cause us to begin what we would call a “downward spiral”.  It can feel like we are spiraling out of control, losing everything, and the feeling is so awful because we are beating ourselves up mentally and emotionally.  The spiral happens as our focus upon what is going wrong begins attracting more circumstances that match up to those feelings of unhappiness and fear.  

Just as quickly as we can being spiraling down, we can get on an "upward spiral”, but we need to make some effort to get it going in an upward direction.  Momentum is what causes it to feel like a spiral.  Momentum can go either way, up or down, it doesn’t matter.  Momentum increases with more focus and attention.  When you change your focus, your momentum will subside, and when you redirect your thoughts you’ll begin to gain momentum in a new direction.

When the momentum is very strong and it feels like you’re in the middle of spiraling down, it can be too difficult to stop the negative thoughts from coming and change them to better feeling thoughts on that subject.  In those very negative situations, it’s best to distract yourself with something that feels better and takes your mind off of the negative situation altogether.  Do something that distracts you like going to the movies, reading a book, petting an animal, taking a hot bath, getting a massage, dancing or listening to music, just something to take your mind off of it for a while.  

Even in a "downward spiral", there are still some things going on in your life that aren't that bad.  Focus on the best of what you have, even if it’s very small.  Appreciate your heart beating, your brain working, your friends or family, the beautiful weather, whatever you can find that doesn’t upset you.  As you find things to appreciate, you will begin to feel better and you will change your point of attraction.  The law of attraction will start bringing you more positive things to appreciate as you begin putting your attention the positive.  Momentum will build and you will begin an "upward spiral" by directing your attention to things that are going well, or that have gone well in the past, and that you want to go well in your future life experience.  The present is only a temporary moment in time, and it can change very quickly.  

When you have been feeling down for a while, choosing positive thoughts will take a lot more effort at first, but you can do it.  You are not at the mercy of negative thoughts.  Maybe choosing a happy, high thought such as "I love myself" or "I love my life” feels too difficult to believe and reach for right now, so take baby steps.  Choose a thought that feels slightly better such as "I'm not so awful”, or "I do like this or that about myself", and “My life isn't a total mess”. 

Say to yourself, "I am happy about one thing or another.  I hope it will be ok.  I know it will be ok.  I know and trust that it will not just be ok, but that everything is working out beautifully and magnificently for me.  I am a good person.  I am deserving of all that I desire.  It is coming.  I am attracting and allowing it to me.  I release my resistance and I trust in the universe to bring all that I want and need into my experience at the perfect time." 

"When you stand in the middle of a problem or even what may seem like a crisis, you are also moving into new expansion because you are moving into a new place.  Whenever any question or problem is coming into focus, an equivalent answer or solution is coming into focus as well.” —Abraham-Hicks 

In love and light,


Just breathe.

In yoga, the word prana means life force energy.  Pranayama is sanskrit word for the science of breathing.  So when you are breathing, you are bringing life force energy into your body.  Breathing helps in every form of exercise.  It calms the mind, relaxes the body, and releases tension and stress.  It purifies the cells, organs, and lungs.  You are literally cleansing your body from the inside out by breathing in fresh oxygen, bringing new energy into your body, and releasing old energy.  

When people are stressed, they tend to hold their breath.  Chronic stress is not good for our bodies and can lead to disease.  It also makes you age faster because our nervous system has to work overtime.  Stress reduction techniques that involve conscious, deep breathing, such as yoga and meditation, release stress because they calm the nervous system and allow the mind to rest.  When our mind is more relaxed, our body is too. 

There is a direct correlation between the mind and body, between our emotional state and our health, between our stress levels and our immune system.  Breathing relaxes our mind and reduces tension which helps us feel better.  When we feel better emotionally, we are healthier.  Modern western medicine is realizing the link between our physical state and our emotional state.  More and more doctors are prescribing meditation and stress reduction techniques like deep breathing and yoga to their patients as part of their healing process.  

When we concentrate on our breath, we allow our mind to rest from all its incessant thoughts.  This allows us to feel more connected to our body and to be alive in the present moment.  When you’re not living in the present, you’re not really living your life fully.  Time passes by and you hardly notice.  Life passes and you barely experienced it.  Many of us spend so much time regretting past mistakes or anxiously awaiting an uncertain future, afraid of what might go wrong, instead of being in the flow and experiencing the moments as they come.  When you are living more in the present, any problems that might arise are more easily solved because you are focused.  Breathing under pressure helps you to stay calm and present.  Breathing gives you energy and makes you feel more alive.

A breathing meditation with positive affirmations:

Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor (you can lie down if sitting requires too much effort).

Start to breathe gently and deeply into the heart area so that your whole chest moves as you breathe.  As you exhale, feel your shoulders relax.  Notice the how you feel more present in your body as you breathe into your chest and back.  As you breathe into your chest, feel how it opens your heart and puts you in a more receptive state.

Now, as you inhale and draw the breath into your chest, think to yourself "I am”.

Then, as your exhale, think a positive word or statement to yourself such as: light, abundant, prosperous, in perfect health, becoming, all that I wish to be, successful, joy, love, peace, guided on the my path, realizing my life’s work, wisdom, harmony, beauty, vitality, ready for all of the good that the universe has in store for me, allowing, ease, calm, relaxed, expansion, confidence, pure positive energy.  

Continue to do this- inhaling as you think ‘I am” and exhaling thinking a positive word or statement that resonates with you.  Feel the positive emotion that each word provokes.  When you are ready to stop, softly open your eyes.  You are complete.

In love and light,