Realize the value of your emotional guidance system.

How often do you try to ignore your emotions or tell yourself to stop feeling a certain way (as if you could control your feelings)?  Your Emotions are not meant to be buried and ignored!

Your life is being created by your vibrational atmosphere which is created by your mood (your thoughts and emotions).  As you think, you feel, and as you feel, you radiate energy which is also called your vibration.  Your vibration is what attracts circumstances, people, and events to you. 

Your emotions are you guidance system offering you information about the balance of your thoughts.  They let you know whether you're focused and flowing energy toward what you want or focused in opposition and flowing energy away from what you want.  Negative emotion means you're focused in opposition to what you want.  

Our emotions are the link between our conscious and unconscious mind in that they let you know what you’re thinking when you aren’t even aware of your thoughts.  We run so much of our lives on autopilot, and we often just live with negative emotions because we aren’t aware or sensitive enough to them.  We’ve trained ourselves to ignore our emotional guidance system.  We can't always be aware of our thoughts, but we can begin to become more aware of our emotions because we feel them in our bodies. 

Our minds label our emotions as good or bad, but really they are neither.  They are sensations in our bodies or in our minds, and no sensations are really good or bad.  If something doesn’t feel good we label it as bad.  We try to get rid of it and don’t want to feel it or notice why it is there or where it’s coming from.

Rather than judging your emotions and trying to avoid them, choose to acknowledge them by letting yourself feel whatever it is you’re feeling.  We can’t really control our emotions, but we can learn to be mindful and aware of our emotions and thoughts.  When you name an emotion happening within you, you gain a sense of control because you can begin to separate yourself from it, or at least see that it isn’t you, it’s just a feeling.  You will find that you feel better because giving a voice to your feelings allows you to relax and release some of the tension and powerlessness associated with negative emotions.  

To create the life you desire, you’ve got to care about how you feel and you’ve got to find a way to feel good.  Your emotions are there to guide your pay attention!  When you are connected to and aware of your emotions, you can create the life you want to live.

An exercise to help you become more aware of your emotions:

Set an alarm every 3 hours to make you stop and write down exactly what your emotion is in the moment.  Notice what it feels like in your body.  Do this every day for a week, and by the end of the week you will have developed a lot more emotional awareness.