What if....?

Fantasizing is fun.  It’s also worthwhile since what we think about affects what shows up in our experience.  It’s very important that we take pleasure in daydreaming by entertaining good feeling scenarios.  Sometimes we play the negative what if game by thinking, “What if I lose my job and I lose my house?  What if there’s an earthquake and everyone I care about dies?  What if I get some terrible disease?"  The list of unfortunate events that we allow ourselves to entertain goes on.  This is not only a waste of our ability to imagine, but also detrimental to our health and happiness. 

Let’s start playing the what if game in a positive way by playing it for fun and fantasizing about happy events.  Start asking yourself, "What if I won the lottery today?  What if I got that dream job or promotion?  What if I had the relationship of my dreams?  What if there were enough resources for everyone?  What if….”  Allow yourself to daydream about what you would be doing if you had that money or relationship or lifestyle or whatever it is you’ve chosen to play with.  As you go through your day, make mental notes of activities you’d be doing or places you’d be visiting or things you’d be buying.  Allow yourself to imagine different ways you’d be spending your time and money.  Just for fun.  Imagine it for a few seconds (or minutes if you’re really enjoying certain scenarios)  Feel that elation and excitement and freedom that you would feel as if it were actually happening.  

Don’t allow yourself to feel bad because you’re dreaming about things that you don’t have.  The whole point of this game is to feel good.  It doesn’t matter that it’s not actually happening in your physical reality at the moment. You can still find joy in the imagining of it happening.  Everything that we see in our reality was first imagined.  Everything was first thought before it was form.  Imagine it for the pure sake of enjoyment, for the pure pleasure that it brings you to imagine.  

If you have a hard time envisioning things then practice your visualization skills by doing this:  Close your eyes and imagine you are eating a lemon and notice how it makes your lips pucker.  You can almost taste the sourness of it!  Now imagine you’re holding an apple.  Feel it, see it, smell it, taste it.  Imagine a rose by seeing its soft red petals and feeling the sharpness of the thorns on its stem.  Inhale its sweet fragrance.  Or you can try looking at something before you close your eyes.  Choose an object such as a candle.  Study it by staring at it for a few moments and then close your eyes and try to recreate its exact image in your mind.

Find pleasure in your ability to daydream.  The more you practice imagining good feeling scenarios, the more positive and expectant you will feel about life.  And many of the images you conger in your imagination may actually begin showing up in your physical reality....So let's start playing!

Affirmations for positive imagination:

"I am taking pleasure in my ability to imagine and daydream."

“I am limitless in my thinking and I am allowing myself to dream as big as I want."

"I am enjoying imagining a life full of abundance, success, and happiness."

In love and light,