Reprogram yourself.

Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year.  We can reflect on our accomplishments, positive experiences, and what we learned, or we can remember unhappy events from the past year or years.  It certainly feels better to think of happy memories, but what if we can’t help thinking about painful past experiences?  Is it possible to erase unwanted beliefs or memories from our past?  Can we ever really forget?  

First, you can help it.  You always have a choice in what you think about.  When you catch yourself thinking a thought that isn’t making you feel good or remembering an unhappy event from your past, you can choose to switch your focus to something else.  Just because it happened and was a reality in your past, doesn’t mean you have to continue to think about it or give your attention to it now.  Experiences and relationships that we’ve had will stay with us, but they will fade away and not be such an active part of our emotional state unless we continue to think about them and reactivate them.  

The way to change or get rid of unwanted thoughts or beliefs is by deactivating them.  It is very hard to think about something upsetting and no longer feel negative emotion when you think about it.  When you try to seek out and get rid of negative beliefs or troubling memories from your past, you actually reactivate them because you begin thinking about them again.  You are unwittingly giving them more power through your attention to them.  Instead of revisiting your past to try and figure out where negative beliefs came from, it is better to simply be more aware of your state of mind in the now since your present moment is the one that matters.   Give your thoughts and attention to what you now want for yourself.  How you want to feel now.  How you want to live now.  How you want to think about yourself and your life now.  

We can’t completely erase unwanted beliefs or memories from our past, but we can reprogram ourselves by changing our perspective.  If a negative thought continues to come up again and again, then it may be a good idea to notice it and recognize where it might have come from.  You can look at it now from a different vantage point and change it by altering the way you now see it.  From your present moment of power, you have the ability to change an old belief or experience so that it is not so detrimental to your present state of mind.  But remember, the more you think about something, the more momentum it gains and therefore the more power it has.  The less you think about it, the less momentum and power it has. 

Don’t use unwanted things or memories from your past as a reason to be unhappy in the present.  Unless you’re remembering a happy memory or imagining a good feeling future scenario, you’re wasting your present moment of power and creating future experiences that match your feelings of unhappiness.  You’ve got to enjoy your present.  It’s a gift!

Affirmations for creating a more positive mindset:

“I am powerful in my now.  My present moment is what matters."

“I am living in the moment and enjoying my time here on this planet.”

“I am appreciating my growth, expansion, and life experiences.”

“I am releasing any thoughts of limited time.  I now see time purely as a platform for expansion and growth.”

In love and light,