Gut Reactions.

Have you ever had to make a choice and you really weren’t sure which one to choose?  When we have multiple options or actions we could take, it can sometimes be confusing to know what to do.  In order to make the best choice for yourself, you need to first identify what is most important to you.  When you know what you want most, it is easier to use your emotions to guide you.  

Your emotions tell you how you truly feel about something.  Often, we try to rationalize our decisions with language, but that usually just confuses us more.  We weigh the pros and cons and try to talk ourselves into this or that choice.  But doing that just makes everything harder than it needs to be.  Trust your intuition, trust your gut reaction.  You don’t have to rationalize everything with your brain.  Use your brain to carry out the action once you have made your decision, but listen to the guidance from your intuition.  

Before you make a decision, try to imagine yourself following through with one of your options and notice how you feel while you are picturing yourself choosing that option.  Does it feel good?  Exciting?  Is there positive emotion or do you feel negative emotion such as fear, worry, regret or discomfort?  If you have two or more choices, then envision yourself choosing one choice and notice how you feel, and then envision the other choice and see how you feel.  The way that you feel tells you if you are making the best decision for yourself.  When you feel positive emotion, you are making a choice that is in line with what you truly want. 

Another intuitive method is to imagine you’re holding one choice in your right hand and the other in your left.  Close your eyes and ask your intuition to guide you to making the best choice by raising one hand.  If you want to use language, ask yourself some questions such as:  Which decision seems to call to me the most or holds the most joy for me?  Which choice seems best for me to follow right now?  Which choice allows me to express myself most fully?  Choose the option that brings you the most joy.  Don’t make choices based on how much money it appears you will make.  Following the path of joy will always bring you more abundance down the road.

If you are really torn and neither choice seems right then try to wait a little longer.  Try not to force a decision if you’re not ready to make it.  Marinate on it for a while and then come back to it.  Do not make a decision based on how you think others will react.  You have to put yourself and your desires first or you will never be happy.  You cannot control the reactions or the satisfaction of others.  But you do need to take responsbiltlity for your own happiness.

Nobody else can know what is right for you.  Only you can know that.  Don’t judge yourself for what you want and don’t second guess your decision after you make it.  You will only torture yourself.  If you made your choice from an intuitive place or a place of positive emotion, then it was the right one.  Have faith by trusting that things will work out, and you will always be moving forward toward what you want.

Affirmations for aligned decision making:
“I am enjoying making decisions and choices for myself.”
“I am easily and always making choices that bring me the most joy and prosperity."
“I am happy knowing that I have plenty of time for everything that I want to do and experience.“
"I am always being guided by my intuition, and I am always in the right place at the right time.”

In love and light,