Lead with your heart.

My spiritual guru Abraham-Hicks says that, “We cannot focus upon the weaknesses of one another and evoke strengths.”  You cannot focus upon the negative qualities or the things that you think others are doing wrong, and expect them to change.  The way to evoke positive change in others is by changing your perception of them.  Start focusing on their positive aspects and the qualities you want to see in them and you will draw them out.  There is always a way for both people to win.  You might not see it, but the universe is omnipotent and can orchestrate everything beautifully and beyond what you can imagine.

What’s more important to you, being right or being happy?  Often, we automatically assume that the other person is against us if they don’t agree with us, but no two people have the same perspective.  We all have a different point of view because of our unique past experiences and beliefs.  It’s a waste of time to try to make others agree with you.  Allow yourself to accept that they really do see things differently and there isn’t a right or wrong, there is only your perspective of what’s right or wrong or good or bad.  

Recognize that when others strike out or cause pain within you, it’s likely because they’re not feeling good about themselves.  And often when you strike out at another person it’s because you aren’t feeling good about yourself.  Everyone is responsible for their own anger or hurt.  They may have acted as a catalyst, but it’s always your choice in how you react and handle the situation.  And it’s also your choice as to whether or not you hold onto grudges and thoughts that cause you pain.  Holding onto resentment only hurts you.  

Forgiveness is for you, it’s for giving yourself peace of mind.  Forgive and let go of your anger or hurt by going to your heart for answers.  Imagine you are embracing the person you need to forgive with your whole heart.  Feel your heart growing bigger and surrounding them with love and forgiveness.  Hold your heart open and focus your loving energy on them.  

When you go to your heart for answers, you open the doors for a new solution to appear.  Let go and trust that whatever needs to be resolved will be.  Don’t allow your ego to continue to bring you painful unwanted memories from the past that hold you back from moving forward.  The past is the past.  The present moment is what matters.   

Affirmations to help you resolve problems or conflicts:

"I am always guided to a higher solution, and as I help others win, I win as well."

"I am listening to the wisdom of my heart.  My heart knows the answers."

“I am embodying the qualities that I wish to see in others which makes me a strong positive influence.”

“I am releasing the past and approaching all situations from a place of love and compassion."

In love and light,