What’s your story?

"The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart -this you will build your life by, and this you will become.” — James Allen

A great way to shift your thinking into a more positive and expectant state is to write your story or your life “script".  Writing down and imagining that you have the life that you want helps it to feel more like a reality.  Paint a picture of your life as you would like it to be with enough details that you can see it in your mind, but not too many details that it feels unattainable.  

Telling your story should feel good to you when you tell it.  Talk about your life in a positive light, as though things are going well for you and you are excited about your future.  Pretend that it is a few years from now and you are reflecting back on all your accomplishments.  What did you accomplish?  What does your life look like?  How do you spend your time?  What do you hope for yourself?  

Talk about the parts of your life that you like and speak as though everything else is getting better and better.  Leave out and ignore the aspects of your life that you don’t like.  Imagine they have already disappeared or transformed into something better.  This will likely feel like you’re writing a fictional story, but it’s not meant to be a factual documentary.  Telling it like it is only perpetuates how it is, so if you want your life to improve, you’ve got to tell an improved story.  A different story will bring different results.

A major part of this is feeling good as you imagine and tell your story.  Use your imagination to see yourself in the third person as if you were watching yourself in a movie of your life.  Choose the type of environment you want to live in, work in, socialize in.  See yourself as confident, prosperous, and in love with life.  Now be in your body as if you were there in that future space, and feel how happy, satisfied, and proud you would feel of the life that you've created for yourself.

To create the life that you want, it’s important to ask yourself what is it that you want?  If you could have the type of life that you desire, what would that actually look like.  Describe yourself in the first person.  Talk about where you are living (In a house or an apartment? In the city or the country?)  Describe your state of mind (Are you joyful, peaceful, vibrant, relaxed?)  Talk about how you have plenty of time and money to do the things you like to do, and have lots of friends and social engagements.  Maybe you have a romantic partner that is everything you’ve been looking for and you are so happy and in love, or you’re having fun going on lots of dates with interesting people.  Include a wonderful, fulfilling career, as well as health, family, community --anything that is important to you.  

You could write that, "Things are always working out for me, even better than I can imagine.  Life is good, life is abundant, life is fun.  I love my life.  I love envisioning my life the way that I want it to be.  I am excited for my future and for my life right now and it's only going to get better and better.”  There is no right or wrong way to tell your improved story.  Just remember that the story you tell is the basis of your life.  So tell it the way you want it to be.  And remember to read it to yourself often.

Affirmations to help you tell an improved story and create the life that you want:

“I am enjoying using my imagination and I create what I want easily and effortlessly”.

“I am choosing to remember all of my successes and accomplishments and I am letting go of any memories that are not serving me.”

“I am the creator of my reality, and I give myself permission to create all I want.”

“I am excited about my future and, at the same time, living happily in the present moment as I am falling more and more in love with my life."

In love and light,