Accessing intuition.

“Do not assume that divine guidance flows only when you are in need of help.  Guidance continues to flow whether or not you have problems.” -Caroline Myss

Source energy is always available to you.  It’s only you who can pinch yourself off from aligning with it through the thoughts you’re thinking.  When you’re feeling good, thinking positively, appreciating, you are aligning with source energy.  You are allowing it to flow through you and guide you.  When you’re feeling bad, thinking negative thoughts, criticizing yourself or others, you are not allowing it into your experience.

The universe is constantly guiding you on your chosen path, and your intuition is always directing you and sending you messages.  Pay attention to your ideas and feelings such as urges, flashes of ideas, and insights, all of which are moving you in a certain direction.  Your intuition does not criticize or tell you what you “should” do.  Rather, it’s more like a soft inner voice or a feeling of being drawn to something. When you operate from your intuition, things happen easily and you find doors opening.  If you’re finding doors closed, it’s the universe telling you there’s a better way to go and to look around for another avenue.  

Intuition is spontaneous, so being flexible is very important.  Stay in tune with your intuition by living in the moment and paying attention to your feelings.  Following your intuition and acting on your feelings takes trust and faith, especially since intuition usually only shows you one step at a time.  Your intellect wants to plan everything out logically.  Use your intellect to set goals and carry them out, but continue to listen to your intuition by being flexible and open to new ideas and experiences. Remind yourself of the times when you listened to your intuition and let go of your plans, and things worked out even better than you had expected.  

Source energy is with you at all times.  You can access it by closing your eyes and breathing into your body.  Be still and begin to quiet your mind by focusing on your breath.  Inhale deeply for five counts and exhale fully for five counts.  Continue to breathe slowly and deeply like this for several minutes.  When you are still and calm, you will feel it.  To me, it feels like a soft sensation of ease, love, and inner peace.  It’s easy to overlook it, but the more you listen and ask for guidance, the stronger you will begin to feel it and allow it into your experience.  

Affirmations for aligning with source energy and allowing your intuition to guide you:

“I am connected with source energy at all times and I am allowing it to illuminate my path.”

“I trust in the universe and I am allowing my intuition to guide me.”

“I am flexible and open to new ideas and experiences.”

“I am releasing any and all resistance so that I can experience the fullness of source energy.”

In love and light,