Be the boss of your own mind.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.” -Willie Nelson

Taking care of your mental state is just as important as caring for your physical state.  Many of us are so picky about the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, even the people we date, but how picky are you about the thoughts you choose to entertain?  It might not seem like it most of the time, but we have complete control over our minds and what we choose to think about.  

Thoughts are magnetic in that they attract similar thoughts.  When you’re in a positive state of mind and thinking good feeling thoughts, it’s easier to draw more positive, higher level thoughts into your mind.  But when you’re focused upon unhappy, negative thoughts, you will likely attract more of the same and continue on a downward spiral.

Your inner dialogue is important.  The way you speak to yourself and the thoughts you choose determine the events, people, and objects your attract.  Learning to control your inner dialogue is about making your mind obey you rather than control you.  Most of us are sloppy with our thinking and allow random or unwanted thoughts to percolate within our mind, thus causing us to feel like we are at the mercy of whatever makes its way into our psyche.  

You can learn to rule your mind and control which thoughts you consciously allow to stay in your mind.  The way to control your thoughts is to pay attention to your feelings.  Observe your thoughts and your words to yourself and others.  Notice how they make you feel.  Sense that your thoughts are not who you are, but are often just internal chatter and triggered by things going on around you.  Learning to control your inner dialogue takes practice, but the more you practice the better you get.  You can train your mind to think more positively by turning away negative thoughts, saying no to them as they come up, and instead reaching for better feeling thoughts.  Practice choosing more positive, higher thoughts and words.  

You can learn to refrain from thinking about things that are not serving you.  Notice when you’re not feeling good and then notice what you’re thinking about or telling yourself.  Choose to see the good in situations and the positive aspects in people, instead of noticing only what is missing or wrong.  Alter your thoughts and you will alter your experiences.  

By watching your inner dialogue, being kinder to yourself, forgiving yourself for your mistakes and viewing them instead as learning experiences, you can begin to change your thinking.  You can shift your thoughts and open your mind to higher level thinking.  

Affirmations for higher level thinking:

“I am aware of my thoughts and the way that I speak to myself and about myself to others."

“I am easily shifting my thoughts so that I am often in a state of joy and appreciation for my life.”

“I am enjoying taking control of my mind, my thoughts, and my life experience.”

“I am choosing to see the good in situations and positive aspects in others.”

In love and light,