Set yourself free.

“Freedom is not absence of commitment, but the ability to choose and commit myself 

to – what is best for me.”  -Paulo Coelho

There is nothing more wonderful or important in life than freedom.  Not just physical freedom, but freedom of the mind.  I say this because you can be physically free, but you can’t experience true freedom if you are bound by limiting beliefs and the opinions of others.  Freedom comes when you acknowledge that you have the right to choose your thoughts and to change your perspective in every moment.  

Freedom is the release of limitations.  Many of us put limitations on ourselves all the time without even realizing we’re doing it.  Allow yourself to see that we really do have free will because we have the ability to choose our thoughts.  You are free to decide what you want to imagine and dream about.  You get to choose how you view your life.  See it the way you want it to be, not the way other people tell you to see it.  Stop chaining yourself to the opinions and beliefs others have of you.  Choose for yourself which beliefs you will hold onto and which ones you will release.

Freedom is not about avoiding all responsibilities.  It’s about knowing what is important to you and choosing what to focus upon.  Freedom is listening to your intuition about what is right for you and making decisions based on how you feel.  Only you can know what is right or wrong for you.  Trust that you are making the right decisions and resist the urge to constantly second guess yourself.  Making a decision and believing in your choice is freeing and empowering.

Nobody can control your thoughts but you.  Set yourself free by taking control of your mind and paying attention to how you feel.  Decide that you want to feel good and then commit to choosing thoughts and beliefs that make you feel good.  You always have a choice.

Affirmations for creating feelings of freedom and expansion:

“I am making the right decisions for my highest and greatest good.  I am confident in the choices that I make.”

“I am free to see myself the way I want to.  I see myself as a strong and powerful creator.”

“I am freeing myself of the beliefs and opinions of others.  I am free to live my life the way that I want."

“I am happy to be alive and free.”

In love and light,