Expect the best. Period.

“Doubt is a virus that attacks our self-esteem, productivity and confidence.  Faith that you and your life are perfectly unfolding is the strongest vaccine.” -Sean Stephenson 

Trust is expecting the best to happen, believing in your ability to create what you want, and knowing that you deserve to have it.  Trust is the link between your mental world and your physical world.  Realize that your dreams are already real on the mental plane, they are just waiting for the perfect time to appear in your physical reality.  

Hope is wanting something, but not really believing that it will come.  It’s doubting yourself and your power.  There is a sense of fear and a lack of trust that things will work out.  It’s your fear and thoughts of your desires not manifesting that keep them from becoming your physical reality.  

I thoroughly dislike the saying, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”  There is no trust in that statement.  There is pessimism and a belief that things don’t usually work out in your favor.  That the universe is somehow against you.  It is your choice to see things that way.  If you believe it is so, than it is so.  If you believe the universe has your back and that everything is working out for your highest good, than that is the reality you will experience.  

I think where many of us get caught up is the timing.  We think that because what we want hasn’t manifested right away or by a certain point in our lives, that things aren’t working out for us and the universe is failing us somehow.  We think what we really want isn’t coming coming, so we settle for something we don’t really want because it’s better than nothing.  

Slow down.  Enjoy the steps along the way.  See the bigger picture.

Everything you want is coming, but it’s coming at the perfect time.  It may take longer than you expect because you may still be developing in some areas of your life.  Trust that the time delay is actually right on track and is enabling you to be fully ready when your desire does manifest.  Trust in the intelligence of the universe.  Trust your higher self to bring you the right things at the right time.  Tell yourself, “All is coming."

Affirmations for building a sense of trust:

“I trust that everything comes at the perfect time and in the perfect way.”

“I trust in my ever increasing ability to create all that I need and want in my life.”

“I am ready and open to receive all that I ask for, and I know that it is on its way to me now.”

“I am allowing everything in my life to unfold perfectly."

In love and light,