It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Dreaming about and imagining something you desire, or aspire to be, is quite fun when you believe it is attainable.  Sometimes visualizing having what you desire can be just as fun as actually having it.  Of course, it is wonderful to obtain the very thing you’ve been wanting...but then what?  What’s next?  Life is constantly inspiring us to ask ourselves, “What is the next thing I want to have, or do, or be?"

Many of us have been taught to work hard and to struggle our way through life, but what is the point of getting somewhere if you are miserable the whole time while you are getting there?  Abraham-Hicks says that the whole reason we are here, our purpose for life, is joy.  If you are not enjoying, imagining, and creating your life experience, then you are not living the life you are meant to live.  

This is something that is really changing the way that I view my life.  I used to think that I had to achieve my goals within my self-imposed timeframe for me to feel like I was leading a successful life.  Now I am realizing that all of that stress I put on myself for not being at a certain place in my life at a certain time was unnecessary and pointless.  I spent a lot of time worrying that I wouldn’t reach my goals, and I didn’t notice that everything was actually working out perfectly for me.  If I had relaxed just a little, by trusting in the universe that things would work out, and if I had enjoyed myself a little more while on the way to achieving my goals, I would have been a whole lot happier.  

When you take a vacation, you take it for the fun, for the experiences along the way.  The destination is only the reason for the journey.  Life is the ultimate journey.  It’s forever full of inspirations, new ideas and experiences, and we will never get it done.  When we do achieve our dreams it is wonderful, but there are always new desires.  We never stop wanting because we never stop becoming.  Forget the idea that, once you have everything you want, then and only then, will you be happy.  You’re always going to want more, to become more, to continue evolving, so the journey never ends.  And that’s a good thing.

You are always reaching upward.  Even when things seem uncomfortable and dark, and the path may seem difficult and steep, don’t think you are off your path.  There will be challenging parts, and then areas where you are running, dancing, skipping, and traveling with ease.  Allow yourself to love and appreciate the bumpy road as well as the smooth parts, and thank yourself for the courage to keep going and reaching upward.  

Affirmations for enjoying the journey of life:

"I am accepting and embracing where I’m at right now in my journey.”

“I am easily living in the moment and finding moments of happiness everyday.”

“I am enjoying myself along the way while I create and manifest my dreams.”

“I love and appreciate all parts of my journey and I am enjoying being inspired by new experiences.”

In love and light,