"There isn’t anything noble about being superior to another person. True nobility is in being superior to the person you once were."

I believe that the whole reason why we’re here, the purpose of life, is personal growth and development.  If we never made any mistakes or had to overcome any setbacks, we wouldn’t have anything to learn or anywhere to go.  We would be stagnant.  Life is messy and not always easy and perfect, but it’s an exciting adventure.  When you can learn to see your mistakes and forgive yourself and vow to make better choices in the future, you have changed for the better.  When you compare yourself to the person you used to be, you realize that you are growing and learning, and that you know much more now than before.

Everyone is on their own journey and judging other people is simply a waste of your energy.  When you are full of judgment toward others, you are are full of judgment toward yourself.  Yes we need to realize our mistakes and learn from them so that we can make better choices in the future, but it’s a waste of time to dwell on the past and on our failures because it stops us from going forward.  We’ve got to focus on what we have learned and appreciate where we are now in order to continue moving forward.  We can always become better than we used to be if we are willing to examine our mistakes, but let’s not beat ourselves up over them.  

If you cannot accept and see worth within yourself, you cannot see it in anyone else either.  When you are able to recognize strengths in yourself, you can see strengths in others and help them to recognize their worth.  So when you catch yourself judging yourself or someone else, remind yourself to take a breath and release those thoughts so that you can continue to become superior to the person you once were.

Affirmations to say when you catch yourself judging yourself or others:

“I easily release judgment toward myself and others”.

“I forgive myself for any mistakes I may have made and realize that they are part of my growth as a human being”.

“I forgive others for their imperfections and I choose to see their strengths”.

“Every day in every way I am getting better and better”.

In love and light,