Money and the flow of energy.

Money is a form of energy and it needs to flow.  It is meant to be spent.  It enriches society when it is flowing because the more you spend, the more people benefit.  Also, the more you feel good about sending out your money, the more magnet you become to receiving more.  Pay your bills with a generous feeling.  Paying bills, being generous, and spending money creates a circulation of energy in your life. 

We are energy-flowing beings.  Start visualizing that money flows to you easily.  Use your imagination to make yourself more magnetic to money.  Instead of automatically thinking that you can’t afford something, let yourself daydream and envision what it would feel like if you had the money to buy what you want.  Picture in your mind what you would buy, and allow yourself to indulge in those feelings of success and prosperity.  Think of how much money you would like to see in your checking/savings account and imagine it as vividly as you can.  See your account balance as you would like it to be.  Envision yourself putting more money into your account.  Feel how happy you’d be doing that. 

Do not waste your time and energy regretting money that you may have spent foolishly in the past.  It stops new money from coming into your life.  When you are angry about past circumstances rather than being present and open to more, it cuts you off from the energetic flow.  Money is money.  When you spend it, release it.  Don’t mentally or energetically tie yourself to your money.  Let go of the idea that money is hard to create, it’s not.  Instead of saying “how much money do I need?”,  say “how can I create money?”  Creating is magnetic to money, needing is not.  

Start saying to yourself “I believe that money is meant to be enjoyed.  It is something that will contribute to my happiness and allow me to live more fully and enjoy the many luxuries life has to offer me.  My money will contribute to my higher purpose and will help me make a contribution to mankind.”  Think of being rich as having enough wealth to carry out your life’s work and to enjoy yourself.

Affirmations to help you enrich your feelings of prosperity and become more magnetic to money:

“All the money I spend enriches society and comes back to me multiplied.”

“I am financially prosperous.  I can easily afford to buy what I want and need."

"Money comes to me easily and effortlessly from all directions and all sources.”

“My savings act as a money magnet and draw more money to me.”

In love and light,