Appreciate as often as you can…especially the little things.

Recently I experienced some challenges that made it very difficult to get through the day.  I am aware that plenty of people have it a lot worse than me, but for me it was hard and I was very upset.  I got through it, and I now I really appreciate how good I feel again.  That challenging time made me realize the importance of highs and lows.  Without the lows, we wouldn't fully experience the highs.  Without despair, we wouldn’t know ecstasy.  Life would be boring.  We wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the good days without the bad ones.  We need contrast to be able to create.  Without contrast, there would be no desire.  We discover what we want by finding out what we don’t want, and then we can create an image of something better.  


Appreciating the good things and the beauty in your life attracts more happiness, love, and light into your life.  Focus your attention on what is going right in your life, not on what might be going wrong.  Look to past events to remember good aspects of your life so that you will continue to create more good in the future.  There are plenty of things to appreciate if you will open your eyes and make an effort to look around you.  There is so much beauty in nature, and we are so used to seeing it, that we forget to notice.  Remind yourself to notice the little things like the sky, the sun, flowers, or trees.  It can make a big difference in your attitude and what you attract into your life.


Life is not one happy perfect place, it is a series of happy moments.  The only way to experience a happy life is to pay attention and notice those happy moments.  Appreciate the times when you feel good, or when you accomplish something, however big or small it may be.  Remember, when you are not feeling good or you are in a difficult situation, that it is temporary.  Remind yourself that it is bringing contrast into your life so that when you do get to a place where you are feeling good, it will feel amazing to be on the other side. 


Appreciate not just your life, but your body too.  We spend most of our time criticizing our bodies instead of appreciating them.  Your body is your friend.  It goes everywhere with you and is the vehicle through which you experience this life.  It's time to start taking care of it and thanking it for all that it does for you.  Make an effort to look for the good aspects in yourself as well as in others.  Appreciating your relationships can change the way you relate to other people.


Affirmations to help you move into a state of appreciation:

“I notice and appreciate the beauty in my life."

“It is easy for me to see the good in others, and I am choosing to focus on the positive aspects of my relationships.”

“I appreciate my body and all that it does for me.”

“Thank you for this life, for the challenges that I have overcome, for all that I have learned, and for all the good that is coming into my life.”


In love and light,