“Courage is being scared to death, and then taking the next step anyway”.

Welcome to my blog Asanas and Affirmations. This is my first attempt at blogging and I must admit I resisted the idea at first, mainly because I was scared.  Fear is such a strong emotion.  In the past, I was always afraid of new things or any change whatsoever.  Life is always going to keep evolving, and yoga has taught me to be flexible in my body and mind.  When you can learn to be more flexible and go with the flow, you suffer less.  There is less fear, less anxiety. 


Fear stops us from really living fully. It is our ego. It is a trap. Life is too short for regret. Yoga has helped me to breathe through fear, to feel it in my body and to stay calm in uncomfortable situations. This is why I love yoga and why I have chosen to teach. Yoga strengthens your body as well as your mind.  Yoga teaches us how to breathe through discomfort and to face challenges. It is the challenges in life that provide the most growth and learning, and in the end, we are better because we faced them and lived through them. 


Sometimes our fears can hold us back from doing or creating what we want.  Every fear that we have represents an area we are developing.  We need to examine our fears because once we hold them up to the light of our consciousness they lose their power.  As you look at and recognize each of your fears, you will be guided to ways of releasing them.  Ask yourself what you are afraid of and what is the worst that could happen if that fear were to come true.  Bringing your fears to the surface can awaken your strength.  You are not your fears, they are merely a small part of you.  Instead of saying “I am afraid”, say “The feeling of fear is passing through me and I now easily let it go”.  Feel the fear and let it wash over you and then release it and let it go.  Your fear will begin to be replaced by inner strength.   


An affirmation that I really like for releasing fear and other negative emotions is a conscious breathing exercise.  Sitting comfortably or lying down, close your eyes and begin to breathe.  As you inhale breathe in light, love, abundance, and strength.  As you exhale breathe out any fear, anger, stress, or hurt that you might have.  As you inhale breathe in all the joy and love that the Universe has to offer you.  And then exhale and release anything that you no longer need in your mind or body.  


Patanjali explains in the Yoga Sutras that when emotions arise we must turn inward to try to understand where they are coming from or what thoughts are causing them.  He says that only then can we understand why we are alive, why we suffer, and how we might become happy and wise.  


In love and light,