Figuring out what you want.

Figuring out what we want is sometimes the hardest part.  How can we create what we want if we don’t even know what that is?  We might know what we don’t want, but how do we figure out what we do want so that we can begin imaging and creating it?

Go general.  You don’t have to know exactly what type of partner you’re looking for or what your ideal career path is.  Maybe you like to be outside or work with your hands.  Or maybe you prefer to be in an office.  Do you enjoy working with people or do prefer to work alone?  Do you like to write?  Do you like cars or technology or helping others?  Are you into having control over your schedule or you prefer to have a set schedule?  Do you want to be in a relationship with someone with similar interests and values?  Someone who you can have fun with and be at ease with?  Someone you are excited to see and spend time with?  Asking yourself these types of general questions can help you get a sense of what you’re looking for and imagine what would make you happy.  

Focus on the aspects you like about life.  And continue to take notice of things you like about yourself, others, and experiences that you have.  We are often so judgmental and focused on what is wrong that we forget to pay attention to what we do like.  Making an effort to appreciate positive aspects on a regular basis keeps your mind focused on what you like which attracts more enjoyable things into your experience.

You don’t have to figure out all the details yourself.  You don’t have to know how all of the things that you enjoy will factor into your experience.  The universe remembers everything and will orchestrate it perfectly so don’t worry about trying to keep track of everything you want.  Just make an effort to notice what you like.  When you notice something you don’t like, realize that it’s helping you to define more clearly what you do want and then switch your focus to the positive.  Get off the topics of the things that don’t please you as quickly as you can.

Set your intention.  If you don’t know what you want, then set forth the intention “I want to know what I want”.  As you set forth your desire to know what you want, you will begin attracting ideas, information, and opportunities that will start giving you a more clear vision of what you specifically want.  Take action if you are inspired to do so.  But also be patient.  Know that the universe heard your request and that it’s already taking care of it.  Things may not happen immediately or all at once so resist the urge to take score too soon.  Relax and let them unfold for you in the perfect way.  

It is your right to choose.  It’s not just your right, it's your responsibility.  If you don’t make conscious decisions about the life you want to live, then you will just observe things as they are and create by default because Law of Attraction will continue to bring more of the same.  You will be an observer of what others have chosen instead of the conscious creator of your life.  It's easier to just observe things as they are instead of choosing to imagine and speak about how you want them to be.  But it is so much more satisfying to make a choice, believe that you will create what you want, and then watch it manifest into your reality.  

Once you have an idea of what you want, it is important to be detailed enough in your desire that thinking about it feels good to you, but not so detailed that it feels overwhelming or negative in some way.  Remember, your work is to figure out what you like and want enough to feel positive emotion when you focus upon it.  

Affirmations for knowing what you want:

“I am noticing what I like and appreciating positive aspects everywhere I go.”

“I am enjoying paying attention to things that I like and creating more things in my life to enjoy.”

“I love knowing what I want and I am loving the process of figuring it out.”

"I am becoming clearer about my life path.  I am creating a blueprint of my life."

In love and light,