Creating (the illusion of) more time.

Time is an illusion in that it's based upon your perception.  Because of the environment that we live in, and coupled with the fact that we are often not living in the moment and being present in what we are doing, time usually feels very quick and limited.  One way to slow down time, or to be more present in your life and experience it more fully, is to focus on particular portions of your day.  By paying attention to specific parts of your day and setting an intention for what you want from that experience, you become more aware of the present moment many times throughout your day.  This helps to not only focus our mind in the present, but also helps us to clarify and create what we want from each experience.  

Whenever you realize you are moving into a new portion of your day, pause for a moment and either think to yourself or say out loud what you want most for that period of time or from that particular experience.  The point of this is to give your attention to what you want so that you draw power to it.  When you focus specifically on what you most want in the moment, you gain clarity, power, and speed.  Knowing and stating your intent will cause the Law of Attraction to bring circumstances, thoughts, events, people, and conversations that coincide with what you are wanting from each experience.  

Some examples of focusing and setting intentions for specific parts of your day are:

When you are lying in bed, before you go to sleep set your intention for a good night’s sleep by thinking to yourself, “It is my intention for my body to completely relax so that my cells can rejuvenate and my mind can rest.  I want to awaken at the proper time rested, refreshed, and ready to begin my day".

When you wake up in the morning, set your intention for a good mood by saying, “I am intending to become excited and exhilarated about this day.  This is going to be a wonderful day for me”, and imagine your day running smoothly.  

When you are getting ready, let your intention be to be as efficient as possible in grooming yourself and appreciating your body for the way that it functions.  As you eat your breakfast, let your intention be to enjoy your food and allow your body to process it perfectly saying, "I will be nourished and replenished by this food".  

When you leave your house or get into your car to go somewhere, set your intention for a safe and easy trip by seeing yourself arriving on time to your destination.  Say to yourself, “I am intending to arrive at my destination swiftly and safely.”  Once you arrive at your destination, imagine yourself feeling good as you are walking in smiling and greeting others.  

As you continue to practice setting intentions for your life experience on a regular basis, you will begin to feel more and more in control of your life, your mood, and your time.  You will feel stronger, calmer, and happier because you will be gaining clarity about what you want to experience and experiencing more of your life, rather than zoning out or being on auto pilot and just creating more of the same.  Setting a positive expectation or intention helps deliver positive outcomes and helps you define what you want for yourself in many moments of your daily life.

In love and light,