Coming back to wellness.

I am a firm believer in our emotions affecting our health.  When we are thinking thoughts that cause us to feel negative emotion, we do not feel good physically.  When I get upset, I always end up with a stomach ache.  When we're stressed or upset, our bodies suffer.  Negative thoughts don’t just make you feel bad emotionally, they hurt you physically.  Emotional turmoil affects your immune system by stressing out your body and causing your nervous system to work overtime.  Our bodies cannot function as well when we are under chronic stress.  

Your thoughts and words about yourself, your life, and other people affect your health.  When you say “I am sick of this or that”, you can literally make yourself sick from the negative emotion that you feel.   Negative words bring negative energy into our vibration and affect us on a physical level.  When you are thinking thoughts that do not feel good, you are cutting yourself off from the stream of well-being or source energy that is flowing to you.  When you feel positive emotion you are allowing source energy to flow freely to you and through you.  Happy thoughts = better health.  More joy = longer life.  People who are depressed do not live as long.  

Your body is showing you how your thoughts and emotions are affecting you.  When you feel pain or sickness in your body, it’s a sign that you need to give yourself more kind and loving thoughts.  Instead of feeling like you have to get rid of your cold or get over your condition, think of sending more light, energy, and breath to that area of discomfort.  Know that it’s your cells asking you to allow more well-being to flow to them.

Allow your body to heal itself and let your cells receive the well-being they’ve been asking for by finding a way to feel good and not focusing on feeling sick or in pain.  Your mind plays a big role in your healing process.  The placebo effect shows us how our mind can heal our body.  When you believe something will heal you, it has a much greater chance of healing than if you don’t believe.  It’s all your state of mind and your willingness to care about your emotional state and choose thoughts that make you feel good.  

Tell yourself yourself that there is no sickness, only a stream of wellness that you are either allowing to flow to you or cutting yourself off from.  Allow it to flow to you again.  See all of your relationships in perfect harmony.  Imagine well-being flowing into every cell of your body.  Exhale out any stuck energy or anything you don’t need to be holding onto.  Breathe into wherever you feel pain or discomfort and see light filling that area and it then filling your whole body.  Imagine yourself healed and in perfect health.  See yourself feeling and looking the way that you want, laughing and living life fully and joyfully.  

You might not feel better immediately, but continue to imagine that you are well and that light is surrounding you and flowing through you.  Do not take score immediately of how you’re feeling to tell you if you are healing.  Just continue to see yourself as completely healed, healthy and happy, and full of life.

Affirmations for healing:

“I am a fast healer.  I am in perfect health.”

“I am allowing source energy to flow to me and through me.”

“I am sending love and light to all areas of my body and allowing my cells to receive what they’ve been asking for.”

“I am feeling better and better.  As I feel better emotionally, I feel better physically."

"I love feeling the energy of well-being flow to me." 

In love and light,