"Yoga brought me balance and taught me to listen to my body and to appreciate it and care for it in a way that I never had before.  It is my desire to help others find that place of inner peace and gratitude for their bodies.  I owe my happiness and my life to yoga, and I am forever grateful that I found it."

Sydney has been practicing and teaching yoga and Pilates fitness classes for over ten years.  She is certified in both Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Power yoga as well as Pilates.  Her classes are physically challenging and focus on sculpting, strengthening, and stretching the whole body.  In addition to yoga and Pilates, she infuses dance, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning to create dynamic and fun fitness sessions. 

Infusing the power of positive affirmations with dynamic movement creates an innovative and exciting style that distinguishes her classes and makes Sydney a real force.  Her personal evolution of body and mind is one of great success.  It is her passion and desire to help others to create a better life experience.  Her extensive knowledge and passion for teaching make Sydney's classes a unique and valuable experience for all ages and abilities.

"I am committed to creating a life of joy, abundance, and light.  It is my greatest desire to help others to create the life and body that they want, realize their worth, and find true happiness."  


Request more information or to book with Sydney:
Email sydney@withsydney.com or call 415.496.5080